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Birthdate:Nov 1
Location:United States of America
Ok, cadets. I have reached the point where I have actually posted enough material involving adult content that some disclaimer might be necessary. So: this journal contains adult material, themes, concepts, and sometimes images. I say "fuck" a lot too. Sometimes in my titles. My warnings are crap. So if you aren't old enough to handle that stuff, legally or otherwise, scram. I'm just saying. Lawyers, etc.

Other points of interest: my interests are blank, which is a feeble but intentional attempt to make the journal slightly less searchable. I have very little shame, so if you're dying to know all my dirty secrets, you shouldn't have to read too many entries to find a few. I swim a lot and fight sporadically. I write and (occasionally) make visual art as well. Sometimes I work a day job. When in doubt, I drink whiskey, but I have a favorable relationship to most things involving alcohol, excessive sugar, saturated fat, and chocolate.

My apartment is not clean.
My dishes are not washed.
My tags are fantastically disorganized.
Enjoy your stay.

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